A Need for an Emergency Plumber in Russell Lea

I recently had to call aemergency plumber in Russell Lea to assist with a leaking tap in our home. When I arrived at the home, I saw a wet floor and noticed that the ceiling of one wall was wet with what I thought was water from a showerhead. I quickly called my local emergency plumber, an expert in emergency services, to see if it was an emergency.

“The emergency plumber in Russell Lea came on the scene and examined the ceiling and found no leak, which is normal. He also discovered that there was water damage to a pipe under the counter top in the kitchen. He found two holes, one in the wood base of the cabinet and one in the tile beneath the counter top. He recommended that we install a float switch in each hole. The leaky sink and leaking tap can now be fixed without needing an emergency plumbing professional.”

The next day, we noticed water stains on our carpet, on our upholstered furniture and on our kitchen appliances. My son’s bathroom had water stains on the showerhead and floor. His desk had water damage around the edge. Our garden hose had several small holes around its body. All of these water stains appeared to be caused by a leaking tap or pipes and water damage.

I called the emergency plumber in Russell Lea and he confirmed that indeed our leaks were indeed leaking. He brought a pump with him to remove the water. We were able to dry out the area after the pump powered up. This leak was one of many that we had in common.

It was not until after I had taken the items off of the damaged items that I realized the extent of the damage. My wife’s bathtub had leaky pipes, the bathtub drain was completely clogged and the shower head was leaking from the ceiling. She was able to dry the area after I fixed the clogs. The bathroom sink was also leaking, again, because of the clogging of the pipes. She did manage to fix this problem using an EZ drain snake.

I had looked at the drainage system under my house, but knew that it was old and needed to be replaced. I was glad that the water pressure in the basement was working. The old drainage pipe was leaking so the plumber had to cut a new pipe to accommodate this drainage. This new pipe was put in by a plumber who was visiting from Australia.

Because of the leaky pipes, we never thought we would need an emergency plumber in Russell Lea. But, as soon as the plumber was through with his job, we noticed that there was water dripping down from the ceiling. We immediately called the local emergency plumber. He came to our home and confirmed that the water coming from our ceilings was water in fact, from the leaking pipes. He also told us that we needed a new water supply line taken care of right away. This is when we realized that we may have water damage but we were not sure how serious the damage would be or what damage had actually occurred.

We were fortunate that we didn’t have any pets or children in the home at the time of the leak. Our cat was in another room and our dog was in another room. However, based on the appearance of the water coming from our ceilings we could see that it was very serious. Emergency plumbers are trained to handle all types of water issues and pipe issues. It is unfortunate that this type of situation would have had to happen to us but we are glad that it did. Local Emergency Plumber Inner West will give professional approach to same day plumbing, leaking tap, or emergency plumber bilgola plateau services.