Exploration Projects

Li-Ta-Ni & Co Exploration Projects

Interest driven by project demand for lithium tantalum nickel and cobalt, in particular the steadily increasing demand for EV, and battery storage

Li-Ta-Ni & Co Exploration

  • Li-Ta Mineralisation model:
    • Fertile peraluminous source granite
    • Proximity to causative granite body
    • Proximity to feeder structures
    • Open fracture systems
    • Generally mafic host rocks
  • Location 2–8km from the granite margin
  • The Rolek tenements comprise five project areas in the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison areas of Western Australia
  • The project areas are prospective for strategic and base metals including beryllium, lithium tantalum nickel and cobalt
  • Rolek will systematically assess the potential for commercially viable deposits of strategic and base metals with particular focus on lithium, tantalum, nickel and cobalt

Lithium-Tantalum Pegmatite Projects

Mount Dockrell/Lamboo Project – Be, Ta, Li Ni, Co (89 blocks)

  • Located in the Kimberley, the Mount Dockrell/Lamboo Project neighbours a tin-tantalum mining field where alluvial tin was mined in the 1920’s and 1930’s
  • Accessory spodumene and niobium minerals in pegmatites also recorded
  • Interpreted pegmatite targets in project areas


Maroonah Beryl Project – Be (9 blocks)

  • Known beryl occurrences near the Maroonah Homestead in the Gascoyne region
  • Potential granite source

Red Hill Well Project – Li, Ta (6 blocks)

  • Known beryl showing in the Murchison region
  • Indicating the formation of volatile-rich fluids and potential for Li-Ta mineralisation
  • Evidence of pegmatite development and an obvious granite source

Nickel-Cobalt Projects

Milly Milly Project – Ni, Co (27 blocks)

  • Located in the Murchison; historical exploration in the 1960’s included mapping, rock chip and soil sampling
  • A layered sequence of gneiss, amphibolite, banded iron and serpentinite
  • Surface sampling has shown Ni-Co anomalies in 6 localities over a 17km long zone
  • Recent exploration focused on uranium and iron ore with significant occurrences of banded iron formations in the area
  • Sizable target areas with numerous potentially Ni-Co bearing serpentinites have been identified from satellite imagery

Bella Yule Project – Ni, Co (12 blocks)

  • Located in the Pilbara close to Port Hedland, the project is prospective for Ni and Co in ultra-mafic bodies intruded along the Scholl Shear Zone
  • Adjacent historical drilling identified Ni-Co mineralization
  • Scholl Shear Zone, a favourable regional geological structure defined over a length of >250km with known komatiite and ultramafic rock associations